Berto Italia Overturnable Spiral Mixer, Model 160AR


This mixer overcomes the problem of having to manually extract the dough from the bowl, thereby leading to reduced production times. The mixer is raised to and tipped TO THE LEFT at the set discharge height, releasing the dough onto a table or into a divider, as required.

The solid , sturdy structure of the AR mixer allows for intensive, semi-industrial use of the machine, up to 10-12 hrs of continuous use per day. The clean, compact design provides the user with the mixer which fits comfortably into a production line, incorporating both mixing and dough discharging functions into the minimum possible space.

The mixing technology characteristic of the entire range of spiral mixers is reproduced in the AR line of overturnable mixers. The design is such that the dough is mixed with different intensities in different areas, preventing excessive increases in the temperature of the dough, by allowing it to go through areas of intensive mixing and others of rest. In particular intensive mixing only takes place in the area between the spiral and the breaking column.


  • Model: 160AR
  • SN: 759
  • Electrical: 220V / 60Hz
  • Dough Capacity: 130Kg
  • Flour Capacity: 100Kg/220lbs
  • Bowl Volume: 260L/68.7Gal
  • Bowl Diameter: 850mm/33.5″
  • Floor to bowl rim height: 1140mm/44.9″
  • Power of spiral 1st speed: 7,5Kw/10HP
  • Power of spiral 2nd speed: 10,5Kw/14HP
  • Bowl Power: 0,75Kw/1HP
  • Hydraulic Power: 1,1Kw/1,5HP
  • Max Width: 1900mm/75″
  • Max Length: 2150mm/84.6″
  • Max Height: 3265mm/128.5″
  • Max overall height: 3340mm/131.5″
  • Max discharge height: 2020mm/79.5″
  • Base width: 1110mm/43.7″
  • Machine Weight: 1720Kg/3784lbs


*Unit has been completely rebuilt / will be cleaned & thoroughly tested prior to shipping. Call for a freight quote today!

Berto Italia AR160 AR Line Manufacturer Cut Sheet