Belshaw SF-100 Shortening Filter


Belshaw’s SF Series Shortening Filters
Effectively clean and recycle shortening in any fryer with shortening capacity up to 100 lbs. These filters reduce labor problems associated with handling hot shortening, extend the useful life of the shortening, and improve donut quality.

The SF series filtering system utilizes a pump, paper filter and refill hose combination for fast draining, filtering, rinsing and refilling of the fryer.

All models are on moveable casters, and can be stored under compatible floor and tabletop fryers. The flexible heat resistant hose features a plated steel nozzle and insulated handle to enable easy flushing of solid particles from any shape fryer kettle.

Model: SF-100
Brand: Belshaw
Electrical: 115V/60Hz/1Phase

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Belshaw SF-100 Shortening Filter

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Weight 40 lbs


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